All this month, we’re making the case for owning multiple cast iron skillets—and using them at the same time. Exhibit A: The weight of cast iron can unlock all sorts of new pressed and smashed dishes.

Cast Iron Cuban Sandwich

Combine two No.10 skillets (or a No.10 and No.8) to make authentic Cuban sandwiches, or take this application further to make any kind of panini or pressed sandwich.

Photo: Lauren V. Allen

Chicken Under a Skillet

The same combination of skillets (or a No.10 and No.12) can be used to cook juicy, crispy-skinned chicken under a brick skillet. Don’t eat chicken? Try the same technique with cauliflower!

Photo: Lauren V. Allen

More Pressing Business

Curious about making homemade tortillas but don't own a tortilla press? No problem.

And a smaller skillet (say, a No.4 or No.6 can also be used like a extra-hefty spatula while making boiled and smashed-seared potatoes, smashed hashbrowns, or smashburgers.

One last thing: because you’re using both sides of your Field Company cookware when pressing or smashing, don’t forget to clean and apply a coat of seasoning oil to your skillets - all surfaces, inside and out - when you're finished.