Despite what your grandmother (and the Internet) might have told you, there is no single, definitive way to season a cast iron pan. Over many years we have tried numerous methods, from baking skillets in the oven, to testing all kinds of fats and oils, to cooking foods that naturally season a pan.

And while there are many ways to get there, we’ve developed our own tried-and-true method—and Field Seasoning Oil—to help you build up durable, non-stick seasoning that will allow you to cook whatever you want in your Field Company pans—no matter what the cast iron cognoscenti might tell you.

Here’s how to do it:


After using cast iron cookware, use a Natural Fiber Cleaning Brush to remove loose food and residue.


Rinse the pan and gently scuff the surface and sidewalls with a Chain Mail Scrubber.


Heat the pan on the stovetop until dry.


Using a cloth or paper towel, apply a dab (about ¼ teaspoon) of Field Company Seasoning Oil and rub on all surfaces, inside and out.


Wipe away excess oil to leave a dry, matte finish.


Repeat EVERY TIME you cook.

That’s it! Building seasoning is a marathon, not a sprint, so by following our method every time you use your Field Company cookware—and by cooking with it often—you’ll continue to build a base of seasoning over time.