As a company, our focus is on creating stellar products, helping our customers get the most out of them, and telling great stories about how those products fit into people's lives.  All of our current products are firmly rooted in culinary adventures both at home and outdoors — we're looking for individuals to join our team who share our passion for these adventures. 

eCommerce Internships

The Field Company is looking for interns to join us in 2023. We are a small and mighty team and interns may work across different functions depending on skills and interest: marketing, affiliate, social, growth & data, supply chain, and content / editorial research.

We are looking for interns that are great generalists and have a desire to learn quickly and get things done.

Helpful skills:
* Good written communication skills
* Good interpersonal skills
* Desire to learn quickly
* Basic analytical skills (spreadsheets)

Our interns are typically part-time (flexible, remote hours) and paid a stipend.

To Apply:
Send us an email at with your CV and let us know about what you're most interested in learning.