How to Use

  1. Rinse out pan and remove loose food with brush

  2. Use chain mail scrubber to dislodge any remaining gunk and gently scuff cooking surface and side walls

  3. Heat pan on stovetop to evaporate moisture

  4. If necessary, wipe up remaining moisture with a paper towel

  5. Apply a dab (about ¼ tsp) of Seasoning Oil. Use a paper towel or cloth rag to rub over all surfaces of the pan, inside and out

  6. Wipe away excess oil to leave a dry, matte finish

  7. More questions? Drop us a line at

Season & Save

Cast Iron Seasoning Oil

Our everyday cast iron maintenance blend. An optimized formula to protect your skillet and build durable non-stick seasoning.

Cast Iron Care Kit

Includes the essential tools you need for everyday cast iron cleaning and maintenance: Seasoning Oil (2 oz), Chain Mail Scrubber, and Natural Fiber Brush.