From holiday gatherings to cozy movie nights, these five easy starters will please crowds of any size—and they’re all specially designed for your Field cookware.


Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings with Crispy Garlic

Seasoned with salt and black pepper (toasted first in a cast-iron skillet for an extra-pungent kick) and finished with crispy garlic (which also infuses the frying oil), these flavorful wings are an easy starter and quick snack that also help season your No.8 Dutch Oven. Get the recipe: Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings.


Broccolini and Onion Socca

Turn the humble chickpea-based flatbread into a beautiful, healthy appetizer by adding vegetables and a handful of lightly dressed greens. You can also scale this recipe up to any side of Field Skillet. Get the recipe: Broccolini and Onion Socca.

Photo: Lauren V. Allen

Cast Iron-Baked Brie

Our No.6 Field Skillet is the perfect size for baking a wheel of fragrant cheese, adorned with a punchy cranberry-apple relish. Get the recipe: Cast Iron-Baked Brie.


Skillet-Roasted Oysters with Hot Brown Butter

Would you rather stand around shucking oysters for an hour, or let the oven do the work for you in mere minutes? We thought so. Get the recipe: Skillet-Roasted Oysters.


Cast Iron Skillet Focaccia

Baked with a generous amount of olive oil inside a No.12 Field Skillet, our extra-easy focaccia is also a great way to season your pan. Don’t have a No.12? Divide the dough in half and bake in a No.8. Get the recipe: Cast Iron Focaccia.