The Field Company – Cast Iron Skillet

A new pan that cooks
like an old one

Introducing the Field Skillet.
Lighter, smoother cast iron cookware.

Everything tastes better in a Field

From crispy roasted vegetables, to flaky pie crusts, to a perfectly seared steak, cast iron’s heat retention and knack for developing a non-stick surface benefits nearly every kind of cooking.


Light enough to use every day

We make cast iron that won’t break your wrist. The Field Skillet is 25-50% lighter than most cast iron pans.

Smooth enough to cook the
most delicate foods

A polished surface that's so smooth,
your eggs can go ice skating.

Durable enough to last a lifetime

We make things that get better with time, better with care, better with skill, and generally speaking, better when experienced with others.

Better For You, And Just Plain Better

People have cooked on cast iron for thousands of years across many cultures. Cast iron seasoning is a natural non-stick cooking surface, which means you can stay away from the questionable chemical compounds used in many nonstick pans. In addition to that, our manufacturing process allows us to use partially recycled iron.

See how two brothers designed the Field Skillet

An American Tradition

Cast iron cookware has a long history in American kitchens, with vintage skillets from the 19th century still in use and prized by serious cooks. We’re proud to continue that tradition with every step of our production happening in America.

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