At Field Company we believe in owning fewer, better things, and we like to practice what we preach by supporting other brands that strive to reduce waste and lower their environmental impact. both at the manufacturing and consumer levels. Here are some of the brands and products you’ll find in our homes.

Sitka Salmon Shares

This Alaska-based CSF (community-supported fishery) delivers monthly assortments of seafood, which are caught wild by a network of small-boat fishermen who are committed to environmental stewardship. Sitka also offsets the carbon emissions from its distribution system, and donates 1 percent of revenue back to wild fish conservation.

Learn more: Sitka Salmon Shares.

Poor Devil Pepper Co.

Poor Devil makes some of our favorite hot sauces by fermenting organic peppers and very little else (no vinegar, no additives), and places an emphasis on reducing waste at every level of production. Case in point: the company’s Zero-Waste Chili Powder and Chili Flakes are made from the byproducts of producing their sauces.

Learn more: Poor Devil Pepper Co.

No Tox Life

We love this company’s line of vegan home and bath products, especially their Dish Block, a block of solid, concentrated soap that can be used for washing dishes, spot-cleaning stains, and more—and it works great with our Natural Fiber Cleaning Brush. No Tox also practices plastic-free shipping, down to the paper tape they use to seal their recycled or repurposed boxes.

Learn more: No Tox Life.

Burlap & Barrel

This California-based spice Public Benefit Company takes sustainability back to the source by focusing on single-origin ingredients and a commitment to shortening supply chains by working with small farms around the world. We were so impressed with the quality and uniqueness of their spices that we stock them as well.

Learn more: Burlap & Barrel.

Vermont Glove

This family-owned company has been making durable work gloves for more than a century. Today, its net-zero factory is completely run on renewable energy, and its gloves are primarily made from goat leather, a more sustainable alternative to cowhide.

Learn more: Vermont Glove.

Green Toys

All of the parents in the Field Company family have purchased these eco-friendly toys, which are made in the USA from recycled milk jugs and packaged in recycled cardboard boxes.

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