A quick set of homemade desserts, with recipes designed specifically for your Field cookware. We're talking snacking cakes, easy fruit cobblers, and breakfast baking; Find a favorite, and make it your go-to recipe:


Raspberry Buckle

This anytime snacking cake is adapted from a classic coffee cake recipe, works with any kind of berry, and bakes in just 45 minutes. Get the recipe: Raspberry Buckle.


Blood Orange and Olive Oil Skillet Cake

While there are many recipes for moist, spongy olive oil cakes to be found, ours is perfectly sized for a No.8 Field Skillet—and is perhaps the best dessert for seasoning your field skillet. Get the recipe: Blood Orange and Olive Oil Skillet Cake.


Peach and Almond Skillet Cake

The kind of recipe we keep handy for whenever dessert is called for on short notice: It can be made in under an hour, works with any stone fruit, and, if any leftovers remain, is just as enjoyable for breakfast the next morning. Get the recipe: Peach and Almond Skillet Cake.


Single-Serving Dutch Baby

A Dutch baby is a simple recipe that can skew sweet or savory, and is easy to scale up or down, depending on the size of your skillet. You can also prepare the batter the night before, so the only prep you have to do in the morning is turn on the oven. Get the recipe: Single-Serving Dutch Baby.


Raspberry Almond Linzer Tart

A simple, substitution-friendly dessert for your smallest skillet: use raspberries for a classic Linzer tart, or swap in your favorite stone fruit or berry, and the corresponding jam. Ice cream topping highly recommended. Get the recipe: Raspberry Almond Linzer Tart.