We're always thinking about our product values, in particular why we make our products in America. But this year we’ve also been thinking a lot about why we prefer to use natural materials in our products (including, but not limited to Cast Iron.)

Field's Product Design Philosophy

To understand our values around about materials, we can place it within the broader context of our product design philosophy:

  • We manufacture our products with the best available technology to minimize variation and ensure consistency.
  • We have a classical design sensibility that prioritizes functionality, simplicity, & timelessness.
  • We add sex appeal through the incorporation of subtle design features that, while not strictly necessary, add to their beauty and character.
  • Our products acquire soul from the materials we make them with (and from many human touch points along the way)

Moving Beyond Cast Iron

Last fall, we expanded our commitment to natural materials when we launched our Cherry Wood Spoons & Spatulas. They’re made with the same qualities as our cast iron: they don’t burn or break, they last a lifetime, and they acquire a handsome patina over time. Read more about the unique way these spoons are made here

We made the world's first manufactured wood spoons with an angled crank designed to match the natural motions of the human hand. Most manufactured wood spoons are flat, ignoring generations of design knowledge from spoon carvers.


Earlier this year we released an updated version of our popular Leather Oven Mitts, adding a slightly longer cuff and full-grain leather surrounding the entire exterior. We also bumped up the style with the addition of a contrasting golden-toned leather that patinas beautifully.

Like the perfect selvedge jeans that last decades or cast iron skillets that can go for a century, these mitts aren’t for someone looking for quick, cheap, and silicone.


Benefits of Natural Materials

As humans deeply connected to the natural world, we respond well to natural materials like iron, wood, and leather—materials that have been part of our history for as long as we’ve been using tools.

At Field, we gravitate to these materials because:

  • Their time-tested existence is a testament to their safety and durability. 
  • They age gracefully, developing a patina that tells a story of use and care. 
  • When their useful life is over, they can return to the earth without harming the environment.

We also source these materials as close to our manufacturing facilities as possible, right here in the USA. This allows us to support American workers while reducing the environmental impact of transportation. In the end, how something is made is and what it is made with is just as important as the final product.