Snap peas are spring’s do-it-all vegetable: they’re equally comfortable eaten raw, simmered, steamed, or stir-fried, and can be prepared shaved, sliced, or whole. But our favorite way to cook snap peas is quickly, with as much heat as we can throw at them—via a cast iron skillet, of course.

When seared (for seconds, not minutes), the sweet peas become even sweeter and pick up a smoky flavor without losing their crunch. The trick for achieving a quick char is to toss the peas with a small amount of olive oil, then drop them in a dry, well-heated Field Skillet.

We like to make this salad at the grill alongside some grilled protein (especially lamb), and double the yogurt-based dressing to serve as a sauce.

Recipe: Charred Snap Peas with Creamy Poppy Seed Dressing

Yield: 4 servings



In a cast iron skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat (or a medium-hot grill) until it begins to shimmer. Add the poppy seeds and turn off the heat. Transfer the contents of the skillet to a bowl and let cool. Add the yogurt, lemon juice, and honey and whisk until smooth. Season to taste with salt. Refrigerate the dressing until ready to use.


Heat a No.10 Field Skillet over high heat (or a hot grill). In a mixing bowl, toss the snap peas with the olive oil and season with salt. When the skillet is hot, add the snap peas, working in batches if necessary to not crowd the pan. Cook without stirring until the peas begin to char on one side, about 30 seconds, then turn the peas over and char the other side, about 30 seconds longer. Transfer to a salad bowl.


Add the arugula, cheese, and mint to the bowl with the snap peas and toss. Drizzle the salad with the dressing and zest some lemon over the top. Season with flaky salt and serve.