French-based Peugeot has been making precision pepper mills since 1840, and their iconic tools are a fixture in kitchens around the world—including our own.

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Do Field skillets work on induction?


Field Cast Iron Skillets are induction compatible. We have a clever feature on all Field Company skillets—a heat ring! This is one of our favorite features: it’s both a reference to cookware conventions in a bygone era, and a clever way to meet the performance challenges of contemporary kitchens.

Our heat ring is designed to make sure the Field Skillet remains balanced as it heats up on glass or ceramic flat cooktops. At just 0.04” of clearance, it won’t interfere with cooking performance or lose any power from electric or induction heat elements, particularly since induction is activated through magnetics and iron is a magnetic element.

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What size skillet is best for me?


Field Skillets are named after vintage cast iron naming conventions, meaning the No.8 Field Skillet is actually 10.25 inches.

If you're shopping for your every day pan, we would recommend our two most popular skillets:

No.8 Skillet, best for 1-3 people

No.10 Skillet, best for 2-5 people

Read more in our size guide.

What is your return policy?


We spent years developing a product that we are proud to stand behind. Try it for yourself in your own kitchen and if you aren’t satisfied with your Field Cast Iron for any reason within 45 days of receiving it, you may return the item for a refund, less shipping costs.

How are Field Skillets different?


Field Company Cast Iron Skillets are meticulously designed to combine the best features of vintage American cast iron with modern craftsmanship.

Our skillets are made in the USA using recycled iron and traditional green sand casting methods, just like the most celebrated vintage cast iron manufacturers, Griswold and Wagner. We use a machining process inspired by the best of vintage cookware, and then improved precisely dialed to be as smooth as possible while leaving just a touch of texture on surface to hold a great seasoning. The Field Skillet is the first smooth-surfaced pan that can hold an excellent seasoning since the early 1900s when they stone ground their pans.

Each skillet is pre-seasoned with three coats of organic grapeseed oil, providing a natural non-stick surface without harmful toxic chemicals or engineered coatings.

Like vintage pans, Field skillets have thinner sidewalls and weigh less overall, making them easy to reach for every day.